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We are a company that offers experience and reliability in the field of import/export products to and from Colombia. We are based in Colorado, opening new paths for the distribution of Colombian products such as coffee and clothing. We also carry out many of the processes that ensure that the products we deliver are always available, satisfactory to the clients and fit to make your business grow. In order to do so we have got strategic allies in the fields and factories of Colombia.

We are proudly from Medellin, Colombia, a city that is known for the entrepreneurship spirit of its inhabitants and the constant progress and improvement of the quality of life of the citizens. We want to offer the world a different vision of what Colombia is about, warm nice people that put their hearts into their labors every day, and we thrive to bring you an unforgettable experience when you work with our team.

Our clients are people interested in obtaining exclusive products originated in Colombia. They are people willing to pay a sum of money to live the experience of trying an excellent Colombian coffee and all its derivatives. Our clients are located in the Denver area, from this site we intend to expand operations to other areas.


We import and distribute different types of products from Colombia, specifically from the area around the city of Medellin, Antioquia. The department of Antioquia is the center of what is known in Colombia as the Colombian Coffee Region, and Medellín, its capital, is also recognized worldwide for its textile industry and the quality of the clothing created there. It is Colombia´s Fashion Capital.

Our two main lines of work are related to food and clothing.

The main products managed by My Heart Group are:

Coffee in all its presentations and preparations.

Female and male underwear.

What differentiates our product is the careful selection of coffee to guarantee that it is 100% pure coffee of the highest quality made in Colombia.

The coffee preparations are faithful to the original recipes of Colombian tradition. People who consume our coffee live a unique experience of flavor that makes them feel in Colombian lands.

As for the clothings, the materials are of the best quality, and the finishing details, according to the tradition of clothing made in Medellín, make our products stand out.


Company history

My Heart Group was born from the intention of showing to the world the best version of Colombia, sharing its natural richness and its best manufactured products. Our production center is Medellin, the main city in Colombian Coffee Region, which is also recognized for being the capital of clothing and fashion in Colombia.

We selected a group of coffee producing land owners in the southwestern area of Antioquia-Colombia. With them we have an exclusive contract so that the coffee production from their lands is acquired by our company. We organize and manage all logistics so that this product is placed at optimal times in Denver – Colorado.

Basically, what we do is distribution and commercialization of imported products from Colombia to the city of Denver-Colorado. We wanted to share an experience of our country initially with a city as friendly and welcoming as Denver, and from there centralize the operation for the whole country.

Our suppliers comply with the highest qualification to deliver the best quality products, and we formed a manufacturing team that will guarantee compliance with all the requirements and details that our group has as quality proposal.

Our team in Denver is in charge of the entire operation from the distribution of the product in its different presentations securing that the service points are supplied with what is necessary to have the best preparations for our clients.


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